New Office Designs for Productivity and Wellness

Wellness is a hot topic in offices today. Many manufacturers are designing their furniture with the health of the user in mind. There is known to be a correlation between wellness of the employee and a rise in their productivity. Here are a few ways you can make changes, big or small, to update your space with the health of your workers in mind.

Changing the way Your Space Looks

Open spaces are great for collaboration. They are an appropriate way to accommodate small or large groups of people. Open spaces usually incorporate movable furniture. Movable furniture is a plus as well because it gives people the incentive to interact and talk to multiple people.

Not only do open spaces accommodate large groups, but they also work well for individuals. An open space allows for a get away and it’s easy to find a private area.

Having collaboration spaces adds to the innovative office design that businesses are incorporating. These collaboration spaces usually include a separate conference-like area, called breakout rooms, with mobile seating, enticing amenities, and lots of art.


Company Pride

Having pride for your company translates to having pride for your work. Design your interior spaces by incorporating your business’s colors, logo, name, shapes, and message. This is possible with posters, company colors, and etc. It’s not only great for your employee’s motivation but it also gives visitors an impression of your business.


Give your Employees the Option to be Mobile

People were designed to move. Desks that are designed to change heights, workstations that can move around, and mobile power accessories, are just some designs to keep your employees productive.


Eliminate the Clutter

Clutter can cause stress. Hiding wires would be one way to clear the clutter. Exposed wires are a safety hazard and they can make an updated office look like a junk yard. Flat wire systems beneath floor or carpet tiles are a great way to hide the mess. They also save money due to the easy access when needing repair.

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