8 Ways to Go Green & Save Money in your Office


Americans produce millions of tons of waste per year. Businesses are often the biggest culprits of this. Make sure you have recycling bins strategically placed in your office. The more convenient it is to recycle, the more likely your employees will follow through.

Donate Old Products

Upgrading your computers or furniture? Don't throw away the old ones! Especially electronics, which are full of toxic substances like lead and cadmium. Donate these items to schools or people in need. These donations are also tax-deductible!

Use Less Paper

Print back to back or e-mail documents instead of printing them, when possible. You can also easily replace standard printer paper with recycled printer paper.

Turn off Electronics at Night

Leaving on electronics at night is not good. It is a waste of energy and will rack up your electricity bill. According to the EPA, turning off your computers at night saves between $50-$150 per machine, per year.

Use Power Strips

Even when a computer is off, energy still flows. Smart Strips cut off that extra power when it senses the device is not on. Smart Strips are only $30!

Use Energy Saving Bulbs

Switch from incandescent to florescent. Compact florescent bulbs use 75 percent less energy and generate 75 percent less heat. Each bulb saves you $40 from your energy bill in its lifetime.

Add Some Trees

You can save 30 percent in cooling costs by planting trees around your building. Trees reduce the temperature by 3-6 degrees. Plus they keep the earth clean!

Let us know if you have any more tips on going green, that we could include in our future blogs, in the comments below!