6 Questions to Ask Employees Before Designing your Office Space

Commercial redesigns are daunting. It's a matter of designing for many people with varying needs. Take some time to poll your employees. If your company is large, ask the managers from each department to help you out. This will not only improve your redesign, but also create a stronger bond with you and your staff.

Where do you spend most of your time while working?

If your employees are never at their desks, it is likely that they won't need a personal work station for themselves. Those who are at their desks most of the time, likely will need their own desk space. Knowing if there is constant movement or collaboration for your employees will help you decide what furniture to incorporate.

Is your work style more collaborative or independent?

If your employees are very collaborative, you might want an open space with flexible furniture. Flexible furniture can include benches, couches, rolling desks, and etc. If your employees are more independent, perhaps a traditional work space with high panels for privacy would work better.

How helpful is it to have easy access to your team or other departments?

The open office space, which has mixed reviews, might be good for your more collaborative employees. Some of your employees may not need or want that open space. Be sure to add private quiet areas for those who don't need collaboration.

What's the biggest hassle in your job?

If two departments are always communicating but are inconveniently far away from each other, it might be a good idea to place their workstations closer together. Listen to your employee's frustrations and compromise. Convenient design for them is an easier work day for everyone.

Would you rather be surrounded by activity or be in a quiet solitary area?

Everyone is different. Some people work better with lots of energy buzzing around them. Others need complete calm and silence to concentrate. Accommodate your employee's needs so they can be more productive. 

What is one thing you would change about the design of our office?

It's likely your employees have thought about this already. They might give you some new ideas as well. Plus, it will let your employees know that their ideas are important and their opinions matter.