6 Office Features That Show You're in the Zeitgeist

Not every business is suited to the layouts and features of a modern office. Some businesses need the traditional office layout to be successful. Still, many offices are transforming and updating to fit the new trends to attract younger employees and wow their clients. Curious if your office is considered modern? Read the 6 key features that represent a modern day office space. 

1. Vibrant Plant Life 

In 2016 we started to see a push towards the incorporation of plant life into the work place. With Greenery being the color of 2017 we can expect to see this become even more prominent. Plants can help produce a calming atmosphere, foster creativty and boost productivity. 

The perfect green accessory. View on our  products page . 

The perfect green accessory. View on our products page

2. Wireless Installations 

Minimal wiring makes your space look less cluttered and shows that your office has the latest technology. 

3. Open Spaces 

Open spaces are a design trend that keeps growing as we enter into 2017. This concept breaks down barriers and allows for more collaboration and interaction. This will allow your employees to feel less constrained and offer more space to work.

4. Multi-Purpose Furnishings 

Multi-purpose furnishings are pieces of furniture that can be used in multiple different ways, for example, stools that can be used as seats, as tables, or purely as decorative elements. This adds to the energy and potential of your office.

5. Color & Life

Sterile offices seem outdated and boring. Adding a pop of color or artwork on your walls adds excitement to the office. Whiteboards are a popular choice to foster collaboration and some people are even adding games to the break room. Just remember to make sure your choices reflect your brand! 

Two office spaces we designed featuring color and artwork.

Two office spaces we designed featuring color and artwork.

6. Transformability 

Be versatile. Change your furniture layout around every once in a while and encourage employees to move. 

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