KI Furniture

KI Doni Collection 

KI Doni Collection 

Who is KI Furniture? 

Since 1941, KI has positioned themselves as the contract furniture company that best understands the contract furniture industry and is committed to providing customers with the smart solutions. By targeting specific markets with solutions for business furniture, university furniture, educational furniture, healthcare furniture and government furniture, KI quickly responds to customers’ unique needs.

KI & Sustainability 

KI has made a comprehensive effort to incorporate sustainable practices and policies into their manufacturing responsibilities. Such as...

Eliminating solvent-based materials

Instead they use water-based or powder based substitutes.

Incorporating the largest percentage of recycled content

This makes their products easy to recycle, disassemble, and repair. 

Reducing the use of packaging materials

Using reusable plastic totes, shrink-wrapping, blanket wrapping, and racking products helps alleviate the amount of "box" materials used in the shipping process.

Conserving fuel and energy

KI selects new processes and equipment based on a detailed analysis of environmental considerations, capital and operating costs. 

KI Hub Modular Seating and Connection Zone Privacy Booths

KI Hub Modular Seating and Connection Zone Privacy Booths

Visit the KI site to learn more about their sustainable practices.