Modobag: World's First Motorized Luggage

You may remember our post about the Nissan self-parking chair. Well here is another innovation that makes us wonder: is this lazy... or totally awesome. 

For those who travel frequently, this has got to be the most useful invention to date. The Modobag is the world’s first motorized ride-able luggage. No more lugging around an unwieldy suitcase or sifting through your pockets for quarters to get one of those utility carts in an airport. This smart carry-on bag will change the way people travel and get them to their destination three times faster than walking. And it is TSA and FAA compliant. The Modobag is the brainchild of Chicago entrepreneur and avid traveler Kevin O’Donnell. Working with his motorcyclist friend, Boyd Bruner, the two have devised a motorized bag with 2000 cubic feet of packing space that can accommodate riders up to 260 lbs, travel up to 6 miles on a single charge and move along at 8 miles an hour.

Some of the other standout features of this product include the memory foam seat, telescoping collapsible handlebar, sturdy, quick-release, slip-resistant foot pegs, Dual 5V USB charging ports for your electronics, a cushioned compartment to protect your laptop, illuminated Power & LED Light Controls, and speed controls.

Interested in buying one? The Modobag costs $995... but it might just be worth it. 

Comment below with your opinions on the Modobag. Would you buy one?