Create a Workspace that Enhances Productivity

Feeling comfortable in your workspace is very important. Comfortable and inviting offices often increase productivity, efficiency, and can boost morale. Read the 8 tips below on how to create your workspace in a way that will enhance productivity. 

1. Furniture

The most important aspects of comfort start with having the right furniture. Your desk and your desk chair are two especially important pieces of furniture. Your chair should have armrests that are low enough for your shoulders to relax, your elbow to be at 90 degrees, and your feet flat on the floor. And your desk should be at a comfortable height. 

2. Lighting 

Your workspace should have lots of natural light since the sun boosts your mood and productivity. If your office doesn't get a lot of natural light making sure you have the right artificial lighting is very important. 

Humanscale Element Disc Light 

Humanscale Element Disc Light 

3. Temperature 

The temperature of your space is also important. If it is too hot or too cold employees will be more focused on the temperature and their comfort than their work. 

4. Organization

Keep your personal workspace and the general office organized! Having too much clutter on your desk can distract you from getting your work done. 

5. Control the wires

Keep your cords neat and tucked away. Nothing is more frustrating than constantly pushing unsightly cords out of your way all the time. 

Wire Control Options.  Left:  Helix | Symmetry Office.  Right:  On-Floor Wireway Connectrac

Wire Control Options. Left: Helix | Symmetry Office. Right: On-Floor Wireway Connectrac

6. Use the right tools

If you're always at your desk a quality keyboard and mouse are key to being comfortable. Getting an ergonomic keyboard will reduce stress in your wrist, forearms, and shoulders. 

7. Create a breakroom

If you have the space then a breakroom with tables and chairs is a great way to give employees a rest from sitting at their desk. If space is limited simply adding a coffee machine, microwave, and water cooler can allow for employees to take a quick break and engage with other employees. 

8. Listen to music

Music is dependent on the culture of your office. Some offices play music out loud and some let employees listen to their own headphones. If music helps you focus see what the office policy is.

Which of these tips do you find most helpful in your office?