How to Avoid Post Holiday Burnout

Happy 2017! It's officially the new year and the holiday's have come to a close... We're not sure how it happened so fast either. Many people find that it can be hard to get back into the swing of things in the first week or two after the holidays. Even the first two months can be tough (less social activities and bad weather can really be a downer). Read these tips to help get your office motivation back up! 

1. Schedule big changes for the start of the year! 

Planning an office overhaul? Maybe you're installing new technology or redesigning your office space. If these are in your plans aim for the first quarter! This could make the first few weeks of the new year a little more exciting for your team! 

2. Try an office fitness initiative. 

Everyone is starting their new workout plans in January so why not make it a team experience! Split into teams and keep track of miles walked/run, calories burned, etc. This will push everyone to achieve their own goals and bring a little team bonding into your office!

3. Schedule a team building event. 

Calendars in January can often seem bare after the excitement of the holidays. Schedule an event such as a company sponsored happy hour or even a volunteer day to help lift morale. This ensures that everyone has something to look forward to on their calendar. 

Like idea #1? Call Today's Systems to get started on your office updates! Whether it be small updates or a whole overhaul we are here to assist!