Tips for a Successful Office Redesign

Are you thinking about redesigning your office space? Looking at recent design trends could help but there are so many that you can't incorporate them all. How will you know what trends will best fit your office? The best answer is to figure out what your employees want or need. 33% of respondents in The Human Spaces report said that office design affects whether they even take a job. Read four tips for a successful office redesign. 

1. Include the employees who will be affected  

Find out what’s working for them in the office and what isn’t working. Workers are typically more productive when they have some control over their work space. Have upper management access the employees needs. 

2. Try to incorporate employee ideas  

Depending on the size of your office you might have a lot of ideas to consider. Try to take the reoccurring issues or suggestions and incorporate them into your plan. 

3. Gather inspiration 

Looking at the coolest offices in the world might give you some great ideas! But remember that Google probably had a way bigger budget for their redesign than you do. Take a look at what some of your direct competitors are doing. What do you like? What do you not like? 

4. Remember that the design should be employee centered

Take some of our tips from our 2017 Design Trends blog. Offering some personal features such as adjustable lighting can have a big impact on employees productivity. It will make employees feel like their comfort and preferences are valued in the redesign. 

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