How Technology will Shape the Future of Office Design

Technology is advancing exponentially. Therefore, it is important and helpful to stay updated on the new gadgets. Especially in the workplace, where hardware and software is being implemented to make work easier, more efficient, and quicker. Technological advancements over the years have redefined understandings of how an office functions. Let's explore the possibilities of the future and how technology might enhance our office design in the years to come.

The Handheld Device

Everyone has a smartphone. We are addicted. It's almost certain that entire offices will be smartphone friendly in the future. Our phones will be able to open doors, invite people to meetings, make payments solely through apps, and more. It's already starting with apps like Slack, which makes co-workers instantly reachable. 

Smart Walls

No more whiteboards or chalk boards. Welcome the smart walls for collaboration and presentations. Smart walls will bring companies together with in house activities, client meetings, and external collaboration. These walls can act as wireless, innovative whiteboards. You'll be able to save notes, drawings, or brainstorms, as well as, stream media. Smart walls can also be used for digital branding, which enhances professionalism, especially on glass. 


Due to increased desire for flexibility in the workplace, workstations are going to look very different. Employees will have a variety of workstation options. Everything will be customized to the employee's needs. Different areas for collaboration, individual work, and meetings will be a must have. Smart workstations will be able to sync with your handheld devices, other computers, and centralized communication systems. Computers will increase in size, since productivity increases by 15% due to larger visual displays. 


Smart Buildings

Entire buildings will be smart. Smart rooms will provide perfect lighting and temperature. We will be able to monitor energy usage, air circulation, and security from central systems. Corporate apps will integrate with the technology of a building to direct visitors to their location and check their identity for safety. Flexibility, mobility, and collaboration will characterize the focus of office design. Our offices will be defined by the technological systems that exist within. It's all happening now, and will take over in the upcoming years. Are you ready?

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