Six 2018 Office Products

Smart Offices aren't only changing the way we work, they are also changing the furniture we use everyday. Workplace design is transforming at a rapid pace. Just 3 decades ago your office was considered cutting edge if it had one computer in it. Even though technology is advancing, it is still a major feat to transform the typical office into a smart office. Furniture companies are working hard to make sure your work space isn't holding you back. From furniture to small accessories, here are some products that can kick off your office update.

Lightblade 1500S by Lumiy 

The Lightblade 1500S provides bright, crisp light for your desk. It comes with touch sensors to control brightness and monitor how much energy you're using. It's also able to pivot its head in multiple directions for better lighting control. The Lightblade was rated the overall best lamp of 2017 by Reactual, a company that seeks out reliable products. You can check out the other best lamps of 2017 by clicking here: 


Sit-to-Stand Desks

Research has determined that sitting or standing all day isn't healthy. That's why height adjustable desks are so popular. There's no specific sit to stand desk we recommend because they're all efficient. It's just a matter of finding the perfect one for your needs and budget.  


Pilot by Symmetry Office

If your office doesn't have the luxury of replacing its desks, this product has solved that issue. It quickly converts any desktop into a sit-to-stand workstation. It's a space saver and a money saver.


Bridges II by Global Furniture Group

This benching is design to create a collaborative environment between colleagues. The collection includes freestanding and integrated seating modules, coordinating tables, privacy screens, power and lighting. Seating elements can be linked together within a run of Bridges II tables, or as freestanding pieces – allowing the product to be used in open plan, reception or team areas.


Switch Mouse by Humanscale

Unfortunately, the computer mouse is the leading cause of workplace injury. It can cause tendinitis, muscle aches, and carpal tunnel. Switch Mouse solves these problems by elevating your wrist with a support that's connected to the mouse. It stretches to fit your unique hand size and it's tilted at an angle that's more conducive to your hand and wrist's natural bio mechanics.  

Portrait Task Chair by Source International 

This new product by Source International is stylish yet comfortable. Adjustable and customizable, coming in many different colors, with arms or without.  


Moving forward into the future is now easier thanks to the efficiency of contemporary furniture. Let us know what you think about this contemporary furniture in the comments!

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