Out of the Ordinary Office Furniture

Tetris Table by People's Industrial Design Office

This table can be broken apart, rearranged, and slotted back together. This can give employees more flexibility when they work. Each part can be used as an individual desk or clustered to form one large conference table. The notches and protrusions on the table lock together using a simple friction-fit system, meaning it can be lifted and moved as a whole when required. Small openings that are created on the table's surface at contact points offer a place to hold laptop wires. There are also wheels to make them much easier to move around. 


Modular Sofa by Lucy Kurrein

This sofa includes table tops for laptops and hangers for storing coats. The sofa is made up of individual upholstered seats mounted on black lacquered steel frames that can be joined together to create a custom seating system for public spaces.Coat hangers and swiveling side tables for resting coffee cups or laptops can be interspersed between the seats, while USB ports are nestled discreetly under the backrest, which doubles as a table surface.


Soundproof Pods by Vank

These pods are great for hosting small meetings or video conferences. Each box, or "pod", is upholstered with a diamond-patterned, sound-absorbing fabric, which covers the walls and floor, offering protection up to 45 decibels. Doors are made from high-quality insulated glass, helping to further soundproof the cubicles. The boxes are available in four sizes: one-person, two/three-person, four-person and six-person. Each one is equipped with LED lighting, a ventilation system controlled by a motion sensor, and a media port that can be adapted for various needs.


Cockpit Office Chair by Ferrari 

Ferrari's design team has created an office chair for Italian brand Poltrona Frau that resembles the driver's seat of a sports car. Both chairs have been designed to envelop the body which, according to Poltrona Frau, captures the "excitement, speed and dynamism" of being behind the wheel. The sports car reference is further emphasised in the addition of a single stripe down the centre of the President chair, as well as the upholstering materials – which are same as those found in Ferrari's cars.Its cast aluminium spoked base is also a nod to mechanisms found in steering wheels.