BCA Breakfast

Two Friday's ago Today's Systems attended the BCA Breakfast. The speaker was Scott Stratten, a leading expert in viral, social, and authentic marketing. Scott was named one of the top 5 social media influencers in the world by Forbes and one of "America's 10 Marketing Gurus" by Business Review USA.  Scott coined the term "UnMarketing," calling people to stop marketing and start engaging. Scott and his wife Alison are co-owners of Unmarketing, co-authors of 4 best-selling business books, and co-hosts of the "Unpodcast". 

Our Takeaways

Here are some of the points from Scott's talk that resonated with our team.

1. Don't be scared of millennials

While Generation X has experience and wisdom, the millennial generation often has more experience with technology. Don't be afraid to work together and learn from each other. 

2. The importance of face to face contact

It is so easy to send an email or reach people through digital advertising. While this is important, nothing can replace meeting someone face to face.

3. Your brand is more than your logo

When you think about a company your first thought isn't always visual. Often times, you think of the service you receive. The people behind the logo make up the brand as much as the logo and colors. 


Did you attend the BCA Breakfast? Comment your takeaways below! 

Didn't attend? Let us know what you think about the 3 takeaways!