5 Office Design Strategies to Make Employees Happier

Interior designers and business owners alike have been experimenting with office designs that cater to the employee. One example would be an entirely open office. Originally, open offices were meant to provide easy collaboration, a sense of equality, and transparency, but the opposite effect is created. People are reportedly more distracted and frustrated, which makes them less likely to collaborate. Here are some office designs that add a personal touch for each employee.

Customize Each Space to the Department 

How people work is what should drive office design. Some people need privacy and silence, while other departments need a whole room for collaboration. Find out what your employees need and design each workstation accordingly.

Use Lots of Glass

Glass welcomes natural light, unobstructed views, and minimal clutter. Glass lets in a lot of sunlight as well as a more open feel which can possibly create a sense of transparency, energy, happiness, and morale.

Open Space Along Windows

Instead of saving all windows for enclosed offices, save them for spaces that everyone can enjoy. This includes, open workstation areas, lobby, break room, and conference rooms. Windows allow for natural light, which boosts mood and motivation.

Provide Multiple Communal Areas

If you provide one collaboration space then everyone will congregate there, which can become disruptive. If you provide multiple spaces, not labelled as collaboration spaces, then spontaneous collaboration seems to erupt. These spaces include, kitchen, lobby, conference rooms, and etc.

Make the Walls Interactive

You can make your walls interactive by having whiteboards, chalkboards, or glass to write on. This is great for brainstorming, notes, and ideas. Employees can also walk around the office and absorb other people's ideas for inspiration. Having the option to draw and be more visual causes people to ooze creativity. 

What strategies does your organization use to make employees happier? Let us know in the comments!