Office Design in 2017 is Focused on the Employee

You may not realize it, but your work environment, from where your desk is located, the temperature, even how long you are sitting, can all factor into how industrious and collaborative you and your team are.

An emphasis on the employee's experience, especially with regards to health and wellness, is going to inform many of the workplace trends in the year ahead.

1. Communal and collaborative space

A recent trend is creating spaces that allow employees to not be restricted to one desk or office. Every workplace is different but swapping out individual cubicles for more communal spaces might be beneficial for your company. It will help boost the communication and collaboration of your employees. 

2. Personalized lighting

There has been an increased emphasis on providing ways for workers to be able to make lighting brighter or dimmer since it can greatly effect productivity. 

3. Staying active

Global Furniture Group | Height  Adjustable  Tables

Global Furniture Group | Height Adjustable Tables

Another trend is more of a push toward standing desks (check out last weeks blog!). A study was conducted that found that the optimal ratio for activity over the course of the day is 45 minutes of standing to every 15 minutes of sitting.

If you're just starting out try gradually working your way up to that ratio

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