How to Use a Standing Desk... Without Annoying Your Co-Workers

We've been hearing about the sit to stand desk trend for a little bit now, but it can still be viewed as strange. 

Symmetry | Voyager Sit to Stand Desk

Symmetry | Voyager Sit to Stand Desk

1. You will literally stand out. Embrace it! 

“If you have a standing desk, that’s still viewed as being somewhat dorky,” said Joel Johnson, 37, a publishing consultant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. A standing desk is something you either love or hate... some people will always roll their eyes.

2. Think about where you take meetings and what it means.

Rise or sink to the level of those around you. If everyone else is sitting during a meeting, use the opportunity to take a seat as well. 

3. Some tasks lend themselves to chairs. 

Composing a long email or letter is probably a good opportunity to take a seat. 

4. It's okay to take a break

Use a leaning stool to take rests throughout the day! Check out the Muvman by Via Seating below. 

5. Signal that you're not a spy! 

Seated co-workers may fear that risers will catch them Internet shopping or texting with friends when they should be working. Just keep your eyes on your own screen or even try wearing headphones! 

What are your thoughts on the sit to stand desk trend?